Window Frosting Auckland

Create Privacy in Your Home or Business with Window Frosting in Auckland

Window frosting in your Auckland home or business creates private spaces while introducing an element of design. Window film has many applications including additional security, privacy, and protection from UV rays.

How Much do You Know About Privacy Window Film?

Window film is an innovative product, manufactured using the latest technology. The following are three things you should know about privacy film:

  • Window film has a range of applications. Not only is the film used to provide privacy to office and conference rooms, but it can be used in the home for additional privacy on windows in entryways and bathrooms. The film can be used to add decorative designs on windows and doors, and to display your company’s logo or motto. It can also be used as a backing on clear acrylic lobby signs to create a beautiful lobby space.
  • Glass film can reduce harmful UV rays up to 99%, depending on the product. Frosted glass in Auckland homes reduces the damage to flooring and furniture caused by these harmful rays. Reducing these rays ensures you can enjoy your home furnishings for years. Adding film to your home’s windows provides a safe place for your family, where they can rest away from the harmful effects of the sun.
  • Glass is both functional and beautiful in our homes and business; however, glass breaks. When glass shatters, the shards can cause injury to people and pets and damage to furniture. Installing window film reduces the damage caused by flying glass, as the glass continues to stick to the film. The film discourages intruders from entering your property by making it more difficult for them to infiltrate your windows.

When Buying Glass Frosting in Auckland Consider This

Consider the following three things when purchasing glass frosting in Auckland:

  • The amount of privacy you require – The amount of transparency varies between different films, from opaque to fully transparent. When choosing the amount of transparency, consider the amount of privacy needed, as well as the amount of light entering the room.
  • Plain or add a graphic? – A plain frosting is best in areas where you want to create privacy without drawing attention to the window. As a business, including a custom graphic on your window film, showcases your company logo or graphic. A graphic adds interest to your windows and lobby spaces. A custom cut out is another option and is an excellent alternative to traditional signs. Window films with a cut-out allow clients to see through the window into your lobby or office, creating a sense of openness and allowing light to enter the space.
  • Experienced installers – Our team of skilled professional installers have over twenty years’ experience. We travel around the Auckland area, coming to your home or business from South Auckland to Orewa in North Auckland.

Create additional privacy and security in your home or business with frosted window film. Our small team is happy to answer any questions and provides free quotes for your unique project.

Why FilmScene?

FilmScene has been serving residential and commercial clients for over twenty years. We provide our clients with a range of services, including frosted film graphic design, window tinting, and window film. As a mobile service, we come to your Auckland area home or business. Contact us to arrange a free consultation and quote.