Commercial Window Films

Commercial window films can help you cut costs in your business in addition to making your inside spaces more comfortable for your employees, customers, and visitors. As Auckland’s leading provider and installer of window films, we have the right solution for your needs.

This includes solutions that reduce the glare on office computers, decorative solutions that make retail units stand out, solutions that will reduce your energy bill, and more. Each member of our team is trained, qualified, and experienced to ensure you get the right solution and that it is professionally installed.

Benefits to Your Business

We offer a range of window film solutions from the world’s leading suppliers. This includes solutions that offer the following advantages:

  • Improved energy efficiency – many of the solutions we offer are highly effective at improving the energy efficiency of your windows. This provides a more cost-effective and less disruptive alternative to replacing windows while offering the same energy consumption savings.
  • Improve comfort – the sun coming through windows in the summer can make internal spaces uncomfortable for employees and/or customers. The solution is often to close blinds or curtains to keep the sun out but there is a better alternative. Our window film solutions let light in while controlling heat.
  • Control glare – strong sunshine can also make it difficult for employees to see screens. We have a number of options available that significantly reduce glare without reducing natural light.
  • Improve safety and security – you can get window films that hold glass in place, even when it is cracked. This can help prevent glass from shattering plus it acts as a barrier to stop intruders or shoplifters.
  • Prevent vandalism – most of the window films we supply are fitted on the inside of your windows but we have anti-vandalism options that we install on the outside. This makes graffiti, scratches, and marks easy and cost-effective to remove as you simply replace the film.
  • Add decorative effects – we offer transparent and decorative commercial window films so you can get the look you want to achieve at minimal expense.

Discuss Your Options and Get a Quote

Improving the windows in your business doesn’t have to involve considerable expense and significant disruption. Window films are the low-cost, high-quality, and effective solution. Call 0800 80 84 85 today to get a quote.

Commercial Window Tinting Auckland

Save Your Business Money with Commercial Window Tinting in Auckland

Are you thinking about investing in commercial window tinting in Auckland? While tinting your windows seems like a simple and straightforward building improvement, the benefits this process can yield are plentiful and far-reaching. At FilmScene, we can help you get the most value possible out of your window-tinting process.

What You Can Expect from FilmScene Regarding Commercial Glass Tinting

When it comes to hiring a commercial tinting company to tint your business’s windows, you want to make sure you are choosing the best and most reliable name on the market. Here are a few points of excellence you can expect if you choose FilmScene.

  • An experienced touch: FilmScene has been operating for a decade and a half, with window tinting services spanning residential and commercial sectors. We have done a lot of work in this industry, with projects of various sizes, and have established a strong reputation for the services we provide.
  • A commitment to quality: Not all window tinting films are the same. Some providers use cheaper films that don’t deliver the same UV protection or that just don’t last. We use only the highest quality products available on the market to ensure lasting results for our customers. We also take the time to train our new team members thoroughly, to make sure that everyone is qualified to provide services up to our company standard.
  • A focus on customer service and communication: The same person will handle your account from your initial call, all the way through to your window film installation. Throughout, you will be treated to attentive, communicative service from someone who truly cares about you and your business. Our customers appreciate this highly personalised service approach.

Why FilmScene Is Cost-Effective

Commercial glass tinting is an investment. However, it’s also one that will deliver big returns in multiple categories. Here are just a few of the benefits that make a commercial window film such a worthwhile and cost-effective investment.

  • It cuts down on energy bills: You’d be amazed at how much the temperature in your building can be affected by nothing more than sunshine coming in through the windows. Especially in the summertime, all the UV rays blasting through your windows can significantly impact the energy efficiency of your building, just by forcing your air conditioning system to do more work. We solve that problem for much less than you would spend to replace the windows with newer, more energy-efficient alternatives.
  • It protects furniture, carpet and more: UV rays don’t just heat your building; they also do damage to furniture, carpets, artwork and anything else that is in the line of fire. A commercial window film, by reducing the amount of UV radiation coming through the windows, can protect those assets and prevent colour fading and other UV-related damage.
  • It promotes better productivity: Hot, bright, glare-ridden office environments make working a lot more difficult and a lot less enjoyable. Give your employees a cool, evenly-lit space where they can clearly see their computer screens, and it will improve morale and productivity.

About FilmScene

In addition to providing commercial window tinting in Auckland, our team at FilmScene works with a signage and graphic design company. If you are thinking about frosted windows, window signage or other projects, we can help you bundle those services in commercial tinting. Contact us today to get started.