At Film Scene, want to make sure you have the information you need to choose the right window film solution. We can also help you look after your windows after the installation of the film to ensure the effects are long-lasting.

Our customers in Auckland often have similar questions – you will find answers to them below. If you have any other questions or if you want specific advice or a quote, please contact us today.

Are window film solutions expensive to buy and install?

Window film is typically less expensive than other window treatments that deliver the same benefits. In addition, window films also offer added benefits such as protecting your carpets from fading or reducing energy costs. Overall, window film delivers a better return on investment than other options.

How long do window films last?

This depends on the type of film you choose. The MEP tinted films we offer, for example, have a lifetime warranty. All our solutions come from the world’s leading window film suppliers and they all have extensive warranties.

Is it easy to clean windows fitted with window film?

Yes, although we do offer advice on how to keep your windows clean without damaging the film. This includes using household detergents except those containing ammonia. We also recommend you use micro fibre cloths although you should not use window vacuums such as those manufactured by Karcher. This is because sharp particles often get trapped in the blades which can scratch window films.

Are window films an alternative to using blinds?

Window films offer a range of benefits that blinds can’t match. For example, blinds block light and prevent you from seeing out. In addition, they are not good at reducing heat. Window films let light in and let you see out while also protecting against UV rays to stop furnishings from fading. Window films also reduce heat and glare and they don’t take up any space. You can even get options that prevent anyone from outside seeing in. Most people, however, use both blinds and window films together.

Do window films bubble or peel?

Our installers are fully trained plus they have extensive experience. When you get films installed by Film Scene, they will have no bubbles and they won’t peel.

Will window films make my rooms dark?

Window films give you softer and more balanced light in the room. This makes the room more attractive and improves your view outside. Your rooms won’t be darker.

How do window films prevent furnishings and fabrics from fading?

UV rays and heat from the sun both combine to cause fading on carpets, timber flooring, furniture, and more. We offer window films that prevent more than 99 percent of the sun’s UV rays from getting into your home. Window films also help to control heat in your rooms. It is important, however, to install the right film on your windows, taking into account the amount of sun the window is exposed to.

Do you use chemicals when installing window film that will damage my windows?

No, we use distilled water with a special solution that is similar to shampoo.

Do you apply window films to the outside or inside of the glass?

We fit almost all the window films we supply to the inside of your glass. The exceptions include graffiti film and specialist tints for use on windows where the inside of the glass is difficult to access (such as skylights).

Why are my windows milky after you install window film?

This is normal and usually last no longer than 48 hours. It happens because we use a bonding and curing process to fix the window film to your windows. This is much more effective than sticking the window film, but the process can leave windows looking milky for a day or two. In fact, the curing process takes up to four weeks.