Safety and security films  


Safety and Security Films

Glass is a key feature of all homes and commercial buildings, but it can and does break. When this happens, flying glass can cause injuries as well as property damage. Also, the fact that glass can break gives intruders a potential way of gaining entry.

At Film Scene, we have safety and security films available that provide a low-cost and highly effective solution to both these problems. They comply with AS/NZS2208 safety standards and turn 3mm+ glass into safety glass. Our expert team will help you choose the right type of film for your needs and will then install it professionally to ensure maximum protection.

How it Works

The security films we supply and fit are clear so don’t prevent any light from getting into your home or building. They are also invisible so don’t detract from the visual appearance of the window. The protection they provide during an impact or earthquake, however, is significant. The strong adhesive in the film holds the window together and in place, even though it is cracked or shattered.

This offers two main benefits:

  • Protection from flying glass – to prevent injuries to your family and others as well as damage to property
  • Security against intruders – our window films add another barrier for intruders or shoplifters so it’s not as easy for them to smash your windows

Experienced Installers

We install safety and security films in homes, offices, clubhouses, retail outlets, doctors’ surgeries, chemists, vets, and more across Auckland. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and to get a quote.

Security Window Tint in Auckland

Using a Security Window Tint in Auckland to Improve Privacy Indoors

Keep prying eyes out of your home with a security window tint in Auckland. Do you worry about the risk of allowing outsiders to see valuable items inside your home, or do you desire a greater degree of personal privacy? At FilmScene, we have the precise products necessary to offer the help you’re seeking. 

How Much Do You Know About Glass Security Film? 

If you’re new to these products, don’t worry — it only takes a moment to learn the essential facts. Here’s what to know:

  • Quickly applied with a professional touch, tinted security window film helps to reduce visibility from the outside. In many cases, it is very easy to see through windows into a house, especially in darkness with lights on inside the home. Applying a film does not negatively impact the visual quality of the view from inside the house but does darken the appearance from the outside.
  • Certain security films also help to make breaking and entering more difficult for would-be robbers. While it does not make the window unbreakable, what it does instead ensures that the glass stays together in large pieces, complicating entry and making it much more difficult for an intruder to push their way past the frame. In combination with the reduced visibility, it’s an effective way to contribute to a more secure home. 
  • There are multiple grades of security film, with a variety of products on the market from leading manufacturers. Which one is right for you? We’ll help find the answer.

With access to our extensive knowledge of these products, we help to safeguard your home.

Why Trust FilmScene with Security Tinted Film? 

Creating confidence in our clients is vital to us; consider how we’ve developed a track record of trustworthiness:

  • We have years of experience with security window tint film to put to work for the benefit of home and business owners. Not only does this allow us to be successful in more challenging scenarios, but it also enables us to achieve a better level of cost-effectiveness for our clients. 
  • We offer lifetime warranties on some of the films we apply, providing peace of mind in the soundness of your investment. We beat the industry standard in these cases, delivering exceptional value for your investment. Combined the careful, professional application our team carries out, and it’s easy to see why so many others in Auckland trust our services.
  • We’ll never suggest a product that isn’t exactly right for the specific needs of your building. Suitability and affordability are essential, especially when it’s the security of your home or business in question. Allow us to provide you with a free consultation and quote to explore the options available to you, offering the opportunity to make smart choices about which products will work best in this application.

Why You Shouldn’t Go Past FilmScene 

Applying a security window film to all the glass on a home can be a big job, especially if you have a larger property. Skill, experience, and speedy service are all essential for a good outcome, and you’ll find each of those attributes in FilmScene. As mentioned, we’re happy to provide an obligation- and cost-free consultation on your property. Contact us today and take advantage of a superior service.

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