UV Window Tint

How is a UV Window Tint a Good Long Term Investment for Homeowners?

Have you heard of the potential benefits of using a UV window tintat home? Whether you’ve learned of them from a friend or a neighbour about its effects, you may want to know more. FilmScene, a mobile service offering window tinting for homes and businesses, can help.

What You Should Know About UV Protection for Windows

What’s this product all about, anyway? Here are the facts:

  • A UV protection window film helps to block the harmful rays from the sun that stream in through your windows all day. FilmScene offers a transparent film that does not affect the way your windows look but achieves a remarkable ability to block 100% of the UV rays coming into your home. From protecting furniture to protecting yourself, such a film confers many benefits for a homeowner.
  • It’s important to apply the film to all your windows, but especially those that receive the most direct sunlight throughout the day. Since FilmScene’s applications are clear, you won’t need to worry about darkening your home or losing access to the beautiful aspects of natural light that you enjoy. Instead, you’ll simply be able to enjoy the knowledge that you’re doing more to safeguard the interior of your home than you would without a UV blocking film.
  • Installation is easy and does not take long at all, with our professionals arriving on time to carry out the work promptly. After we’re finished, you’ll receive a complimentary aftercare package, including a guide to understanding your new tint, how to care for it, and some starter cleaning supplies to allow you to begin caring for your new film immediately.

Sound good? It’s a simple product, but a highly useful one, too.

Why UV Blocking Window Film is Cost-Effective

In some ways, your investment in a UV treatment could pay for itself over time. How?

  • Enjoy lower energy bills during the warmer months of the year. Because UV rays are so energetic, they cause things to heat up during prolonged exposure — that’s why you feel the warmth on your face in the sun, and why the space around windows can be particularly hot during midday. By blocking these rays, your home won’t warm up as much during the day, translating to lower energy costs.
  • UV blocking films help to safeguard other investments you’ve made, such as your furniture. UV can fade and degrade fabrics, leather, and more. Preventing the rays from ever reaching these possessions will prolong their life.
  • Your film will last for years to come. With proper care and the right conditions, you can enjoy the benefits of your investment over the long term. That means lower energy bills for a longer time, for example, without the need for frequent reapplication.

With lower energy bills and a more comfortable home, it’s easy to see why these treatments are popular.

Why Trust FilmScene Regarding UV Window Film in Auckland?

At FilmScene, we take our responsibilities seriously. Applying these films correctly is important, and we’ve spent years honing our skills to be able to offer the best results possible to our clients. Our trained installers arrive on time and work quickly to ensure minimal disruption to your day. Ready for the next steps? Contact us now.