Cut Your Energy Bills with EnerLogic Window Films

EnerLogic window films are the perfect solution if you want a cost-effective way of making your windows more energy efficient. Specifically, if you have single glazed windows, applying EnerLogic window films will give you the same performance as a double-glazed window.

In other words, EnerLogic window films reduce how much it costs to heat your home in the winter while also keeping it cool in the summer. Film Scene’s team includes individuals who are trained and certified EnerLogic window film installers so can help you choose the right film and then complete the full installation.

Benefits of EnerLogic

  • Improve the energy efficiency of your home
  • Makes rooms more comfortable throughout the year
  • Reduce glare on things like computer monitors and TVs
  • Saves you money


Energy Saving Example

It would cost about $25,000 to install double glazing in a standard four-bedroom home in Auckland. EnerLogic window film offers the same energy efficiency benefits in addition to other benefits, plus the cost of installation is almost a quarter of the cost of putting in double glazing, i.e. the average cost to install EnerLogic window films on the windows of a four-bedroom house is about $7,000.

Expert Installation

EnerLogic window film must be installed by a qualified technician to ensure you get the maximum benefit. We offer a comprehensive and cost-effective service that includes consulting with you to ensure you get the right window film for your needs. We also install the film on your windows and give you post-installation advice on cleaning and window care.


EnerLogic Testimonial

“When I moved to Canada from NZ I wondered if EnerLogic would also work in such a cold climate. We found a local supplier in Alberta and tried the film on the master bedroom’s sliding window. It’s a large piece of glass and there was quite a bit of cold coming through! When I put my hand near the window in the master bedroom it was much warmer than the window in the adjoining bedroom, which was on the same side of the house.

“Due to the performance of this film, we had every window in the house done. Even though I like the way the films keep out the cold, I also like the way it keeps heat out in the summer and also for daytime privacy – there’s now no need to shut the curtains! Now that I’m back in NZ, I wouldn’t hesitate to use this product over here as well.” Dulcie Beatt

To find out more or to get a quote to have EnerLogic window films installed in your home or business, please contact us today by phoning 0800 80 84 85.