Anti-Shatter Window Film

Protect Your Property with Anti-Shatter Window Film

Anti-shatter window film can protect your windows when accidents or storms occur or when someone attempts to break into your home or business. When glass breaks, it can lead to severe injuries or allow a criminal access to your property. Security film can help protect you from these scenarios by keeping the pieces of broken glass together and attached to the film. Anti-shatter glass film is made of a heavy-duty polyester bonded with strong adhesives to form a clear, invisible barrier that holds the glass in place in the event of an earthquake or impact. At FilmScene, we offer anti-shatter film as well as privacy and anti-graffiti glass films to help keep your property – and the people in it – safe.

Related Services We Provide to Anti-Shatter Film in Auckland

At FilmScene, we offer a range of services and products to help you protect your property. Our products include:

  • Safety and security film. Our anti-shatter films are clear to allow light to enter your space freely. They will not affect the visual appearance of your windows, yet they will hold shattered glass in place in the event of a crime, weather event, or accident.
  • Commercial tinting. Commercial window tinting can help save you money as well as make your place of business more comfortable for your employees and customers. We offer commercial window films designed to reduce glare, improve the appearance of your building, and lower your energy bill.
  • Residential tinting. Wherever you live in Auckland, we have residential window tinting solutions to suit your needs. Window tinting can help protect your furniture and flooring from the sun’s rays, maximise privacy, reduce glare, define your views, and help keep your family more comfortable indoors.

Benefits of Anti-Shatter Glass Film

Anti-shatter glass protection for your business or home offers numerous advantages, including:

  • Protection from crime. Windows and doors are the most vulnerable points of entry in a building, particularly easy for smash-and-grab thieves. You can make your glass less vulnerable with anti-shatter glass. Even though the glass can still break when struck with a heavy object, the film keeps it intact, making it much harder to enter the premises.
  • Protection from bad weather. Mother Nature can be unpredictable, and glass is often the first thing damaged during an earthquake, tornado, or hurricane. During violent weather, glass can break, sending rain and debris flying into your home or office. Security film helps prevent the entry of water and debris.
  • Prevention of accidental injury. Glass can break accidentally in numerous different scenarios. When regular glass breaks, it can pose a significant safety hazard to anyone in the vicinity. Anti-shatter film keeps the broken pieces safely together.

About FilmScene

FilmScene is a mobile business providing glass films for a range of applications in the Auckland area. We are a smaller company, meaning that you’ll talk to the same person from your consultation throughout the completion of your project, and you’ll receive personal attention from start to finish. We offer aftercare packages as well to help you keep your window film is top shape for as long as possible. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a free consultation, contact us today.